About TYP Cultural Capital

TYP brings senior experiences in the field of culture management and policy to institutions and government agencies, as well as independent organisations in the field of culture, academia and civil society NGO:s. Our assignments address the challenges these organisations face when priorities change in societies, among audiences or in the field of culture. Implications of change have an impact on conditions for funding and operations. TYP is a resource for arts and culture organisations who seeks to strengthen their position and contribute to improving conditions for people to enjoy and participate in the arts.

Our Team
Yvonne Rock

Yvonne Rock is a cultural producer who has founded and developed several theaters and cultural institutions in Sweden, such as Västanå Teater and Judiska Teatern. Yvonne has held a multitude of positions within the field of cultural politics, both nationally and regionally. Among other things, she served as a coordinator in 2006, Year of culture diversity – a governmental assignment intended to diversify Swedish cultural institutions. She has served on the Board of Trustees in a variety of institutions in the cultural sector as well as in higher education, most notably at the University College of Opera in Stockholm and Karlstad University. She has initiated a range of networks among artists, producers, political institutions, and civil society. Yvonne is a co-founder of TYP Kulturkapital.

Pratik Vithlani

Pratik Vithlani, MD, has worked with both venture capital and management consulting for businesses as well as the cultural sector, in addition to being engaged in foreign aid projects. Through the years Pratik has worked with two private equity firms where he was an analyst and investment manager. As a consultant and business developer Pratik has experience from the Swedish Trade Council in the US and various organisations in Sweden. Pratik is a co-founder of TYP Kulturkapital.

Lena Uhlander

Lena Uhlander is a producer and communicator with extensive experience within the performing arts. Lena has worked with theatre, contemporary dance and opera. The focus has been on contemporary dance, as an employee of the Modern Dance Theatre in Stockholm and as a producer for several Swedish choreographers, Dorte Olesen, Björn Elisson and Helena Franzén. Lena ran the production company Scenit production for the past five years together with Titti Grahl with assignments from institutions, the free sector and many artists. With a BA from the Stockholm Business School in Art and communication, Lena joined TYP as a co-worker in the spring of 2016.

Tomas Bokstad

Tomas Bokstad has worked as a producer with large-scale national and international projects in most art forms. Tomas engagement in the project has started from the artistic vision and methodically enabled and created the projects that have included artists, institutions, government agencies, academia and the public through his work with amongst others Intercult. These experiences led on to Tomas working for the Government offices of both the Ministry of Culture and the Prime Minister’s Office with a focus on the EU, diversity and internationalisation. Tomas is a co-founder of TYP Kulturkapital.

FOTO: Håkan Jelk

Some Assignments

Assignment for the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Sida Partnership Forum.

The interaction between culture and foreign aid

One of the Arts Grants Committee assignments from the government is to improve the collaboration and develop synergies between the fields of culture policy and aid/development policy. In 2015 TYP led a working group with representatives from the Arts Grants Committee and Sida Partnership Forum, collected knowledge and skills within the area and organised meetings and a public seminar with key actors of the field. The target audience were directors and senior civil servants at ministries and government agencies, which also included political leadership (the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Culture) as well as including participation from the independent culture sector in Sweden. The assignment contributed to the Government missive Policy for Global Development in the implementation of Agenda 2030, where it is written that “The Government will at the end of the year 2017 have promoted actors of change for democratisation and countries with a lack of democracy through collaboration with Sida, the Swedish Arts Council and Arts Grants committee amongst others.“

Assignment for Västanå Theatre

Creation of Västanå Folk

TYP has on assignment by Västanå Theatre developed a strategy and process for the creation of Västanå Folk. Since 2014 TYP has worked with the conditions for collaboration, content, financing and construction of Västanå Folk. The commission has resulted in Young Västanå, a completely new children and youth section of the theatre that is financed by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. Another part of Västanå Folk is the Västanå Folk Festival, an annual folk music festival supported by the Swedish Performing Arts Agency. The creation of Västanå Folk has also lead to establishing an enhanced collaboration with Karlstad University on Arts and Science and other regional institutions in Värmland. The Region of Värmland and the Swedish Arts Council finance the ongoing development work and it aims to establish the different activities of Västanå Folk as a permanent part of the theatre, with sustainable long-term funding.

Assignment for GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi

Project management, financing and coordination

The GoDown Arts Centre is one of the largest independent cultural institutions in Africa. TYP has for several years been engaged by GoDown as strategic advisor and partner for the long-term development of the organisation. TYP has participated in the development of two programs; Creative Entrepreneurship program and the city festival “Nai Ni Who?”. Furthermore TYP is engaged in the transformation of the GoDown, to redevelop its space to a purpose built culture centre. Through the collaboration we have introduced the GoDown Arts Centre to several Swedish actors: The Museum of Architecture, Nätverkstan in Gothenburg, the Swedish Institute, White Architecture and many individual artists. The collaboration with the Museum of Architecture resulted in the exhibition “Who is the city? Meetings between Nairobi and Stockholm”. The Cultural Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery supported the work on the exhibition and the city festival.

Assignment for Kulturkraft Stockholm

Training in culture strategy and operational planning

In collaboration with Kulturkraft Stockholm (competency development within the culture sector) TYP developed a training program for middle managers in the field of performing arts. The aim was to strengthen the operational and business planning skills, and understanding of the field of culture policy in Sweden. Participants in this course were both from institutions and the independent sector of performing arts. The training included two hands-on case studies, the Moorish Pavilion in Malmö and Västanå Theatre in Sunne. The participants worked on alternative plans for the two organisations planning and development. In addition to the training, TYP was asked to organise a series of seminars on international culture exchanges to strengthen the knowledge about the challenges and possibilities these can represent.

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